Oil painting of hot and cold

posted on 13 Sep 2013 13:31 by custompaintings

Oil painting of hot and cold points, both painting method is the oldest in Europe wax painting techniques , mainly based on the use wax medium means to distinguish .

In the understanding of painting , have to understand this painting tools used . Beeswax is suitable for painting wax , you can buy at the store . Wax painting suitable for painting on wood and other hard-bearing materials can also be attached to the canvas. Canvas gum base generally use foundation , foundation can not do , but not painted in oil on the base .

Hot oil painting description:

A thermal painting:

Select quality beeswax 8 parts , cut into small pieces, add 1 part Kaernuba wax ( wax imports , was egg yellow fragmented , smooth and hard , you can not ) mixed into a metal container , heated to make it melt with fire . Then take the same amount of ( 1:2 ) dammar resin varnish reconcile together and points to a number of small metal box filled , and then a variety of colors pink box of each color were stirred solution of hot wax , you can made of different colors of wax creams .

Segao used when painting boxes arranged in a heated smooth metal plate to keep the wax melted state the color , you can paint with a brush dipped in color liquid and can color the metal plate , if necessary, diluted with turpentine . Waxy coating to solidify rapidly on the screen can be multi-layered cover can also modify and retouch hot spatula . Modern painters often use hot hair dryer , a special electric iron , heated scraper and other auxiliary tools . Wax painting was finished matt status, available on the screen polishing cloth .

2 Cold painting: points emulsifying wax and wax saponification both media toning method .

Emulsifying wax : also known as wax cream , the standard method of preparation is to : Take 30 grams quality beeswax, melted into 250 ml boiling water , add 15 to 20 grams of ammonium carbonate ( can be washed with a little warm water solution ) , not after boiling bubbling stop stirring until bubbling away, can be made of curd -like wax cream . Painting with wax emulsion cream 4 parts +1 copies ( or gelatin , casein glue, etc. ) used to reconcile the color pink .

Saponification wax : 1 part beeswax , 3 parts turpentine into the jar , seal , water heated to melt beeswax in turpentine , and then blended with ( 1:2 ) dammar varnish pigment powder can be used to reconcile .

Both painting comparison, is more suitable for cold drawing canvas and paper , this painting is best to polish painted on plaster on a wooden base .