"Hydrangea bloom when" Zhuo Wenhui painting solo exhibition launched

posted on 22 Sep 2013 09:06 by custompaintings

"Hydrangea bloom when" Zhuo Wenhui personal painting exhibition, September 1st until the 28th day in the city map display area arts exhibition, this collection were exhibited about 32 paintings, the opening event was held on the 1st, especially the music combined with the Leroy Neiman paintings, so that people feel the dual arts scene, and also to meet the visual and auditory enjoyment.


  Zhuo Wenhui Anping people in the military community was born and raised, the incumbent Tainan University of Applied Sciences Department of Fine Arts lecturer, author of "Far Road near the line - my Tangshan Village", "space and time, number, dependents love - writing in symbolic images Thornhill Village "creative discourse.


  Zhuo Wenhui said hydrangea is their favorite flower family because the family like hydrangea petals hugged, therefore, this time with "hydrangeas bloom time" as the exhibition is the result of the old house has been removed; former courtyard is no longer, but hydrangeas deeply rooted in the hearts of images Sheng Kaiting garden! This series of works blooming hydrangeas; is the author of his home, the thoughts of the past.


Zhuo Wenhui said that in order to encourage art lovers fully utilize what they have learned, actively involved in creation, research, and strengthen artistic exchanges, enhance artistic and cultural level, so planning this beautiful feast. The project works with oil-based media, you can enjoy a different style of art, enthusiastically welcome interested people to watch.