Folk's printing - canvas

posted on 25 Sep 2013 09:24 by custompaintings in paintings

Since the Department beans tied Well wedding video package painting, Fan Li approach and begin to own the whole, left a lot to ask, are all a few expensive, Pingguo d Youwu package framework, because I insist on having a frame, Oct. 2012 film finished, December already carry with contempt, and so not even see the left half Youmie promotion, Department esdlife wow side to see if there friends on folk's printing, ask the next hit, Internet models I see there is a favored few, you agree painting, in fact, I Do not insist on painting, I would like it kind of gallery, so I left it the whole paragraph friends. Price $ 800, size 20 "w X 28" h, photo size 16 "x24"