The artist Banksy : art and creativity through the streets of the world

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Banksy is a famous name that you sign one of the most popular artists of Street Art , art that is performed in the streets of the city.

Not much is known of the origins of it , nor what type it is physically this artist except maybe that should be a boy born and raised in the Royal County of Bristol. I say this because Banksy has a special feature that is able to develop during his career, which is to remain anonymous. In fact, nobody in the world except for some very trusted friends knows his true face, or maybe just how high that number ports of shoes or what she eats on Thursday . For years they have tried to expose him , to photograph his face and know his true identity never succeed , however , and maybe he quietly came in the most important museums to leave his works hung alongside those of the great artists of the past. Also on the web , in his personal site on which leaves only the images of his work there is no need to enter anything (click on the name to visit  Jack Vettriano paintings ) .

The art of Banksy : his works speak for themselves.

Banksy through his great works of art left to sneak in museums , galleries or in the streets all over the world and making the best use of this characteristic to remain in the shadows has managed over the years to become known and to be appreciated , stimulating more and more a great passion and the "natural " curiosity on the part of all the people walking and "live" those roads . For this reason, as well as to have attracted many positive reviews , the artist has also become one of the most famous exponents of the Street Art Numerous supporters and the fans of Banksy expect every time forward to his next job that you never know where it may appear . We see above and below the images of his latest work , a project entitled " BETTER OUT THAN IN" which is building in the days of October in the city of New York and you will see that going on his website  Jack Vettriano Picnic Party painting .

Usually these are the images that are created with the technique of stencil art , a kind of mask inside a cropped image that is applied through spray and paintings on the walls of the streets and alleys of desolate , sometimes creates scenes materials details, for example by using objects that are modified or literally smashed as the famous phone booth murdered we see below. Banksy is a volcano of ideas and artistic talent that he needs to send us the sad , sad , absurd , curious , romantic reality.

In these works Banksy insert a background sometimes humorous, maybe a biting satire , scratching that make fun of politics, culture or traditional art, academic and critics . Almost always express to us his images of provocative messages , mistrust or protest to all the tragedies that causes the man . Tragedies such as wars , pollution of the earth or evil existential so-called " civil society " . Many of these works are really beautiful graphically , very expressive and well represent the true and real feelings of the people , this makes us understand why the artist Banksy is so loved .

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