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posted on 28 Oct 2013 15:16 by custompaintings

Grown up in the middle of Lang village , is surrounded by farmland and bamboo , as well as a large river and streams, there was a large creek before the big green lawn is our student's paradise , because in a group of children in the older Edith , so the king occasionally like a child , like the holidays with a group of children and puppies ride in the big patch of grass, sometimes fishing ( although only catch a play ) , sometimes lying on the grass looking at the sky or playing games , sometimes also see nearby foraging flocks of egrets flying silk screen. Once upon a time , into a verdant meadow gravel mining End large potholes , and now I do not know already become what he looks like , in short, is no longer beautiful , but before that beautiful picture is still imprinted in my mind.

Gradually understand why many people would choose to return to their own retirement so Lang familiar life, because Edith living in the field for a long time , and also began hometown but miss everything, even nostalgic before the summer do not have to blow fans day. Country life , etc. So my life experience, so for me it is also the countryside scenery painting special feeling fabian perez paintings , because that is what I have seen or ever look in daily life , although this painting above the southern Taiwan Mino views but in fact, near the former home of the central region scenery looks very similar to some places , and now the neighborhood has been greatly scenery is not the same , the same is often seen in the mountains and banana trees .

This is taken from an unfamiliar artist 's works , just take part scenery to paint , although the topic is " cow in the river near autumn landscape" , but did not draw the cow , so this picture is completed with the original a lot of difference . Autumn colors most people would like, but sometimes used as a painting flow in the cheesy, but some cheesy I still can not feel it , and yet trying to learn , feel , I think this is the real artist with me ordinary very different person now !

This is the first time out painting and the location is National Taiwan University to participate in several of our classmates Oil Painting for the first time , just looking busy enough to draw the subject matter , the teacher to observe a long time ago , and suggested that we do not draw Landmarks like the theme, finally decided to follow the teacher's advice , just take a part of scenery to paint , the first sketch though a bit overwhelmed, but still feel a lot of fun , hope to have the opportunity to work with many companions out painting . That only regret is that did not bring insect repellent , left hand was full of mosquito bites by black beans , will recover nearly a genius , can not stay long in the lake after careless .

Remarks ︰ This shared wrote a long time , although only a little shy to complete, but still more busy because a while ago, the relationship has been unable to find time to finish it early July once again take a trip to France , 17 On the evening before returning home Leonid Afremov paintings , and shortly after half a month time again , we have finally found a little time to complete, I do not think this is probably my longest PO articles for once !