Why American taste so bad ?

posted on 14 Nov 2013 14:43 by custompaintings
Thomas Kinkade A Peaceful Time
American painter Thomas Kinkade (Thomas Kinkade) was found dead in a few days their home in California , according to department spokesman said natural death . It is said that in the United States every twenty families have a home hung Thomas Kinkade (Thomas Kinkade) those disgusting fantasy figure , it makes me think of the whole world into the United States culture of waste ; while even more frightening is that from the "American Idol" , "Saw" series and group sex porn film is not only similar to those of garbage left by a commercial export objects , but also to pollution from Murmansk to Montevideo citizens.
PT Barnum aptly addressed this issue, " no one would ever spend money to belittle the American taste, " from Andy Warhol to Jeff Koons , the best American artists have been " developed " those had no interest in the arts and culture who earn millions of dollars of money. However, the U.S. is still Greil Marcus described the " old weird America " (Old Weird America), such as a full source of a variety of special tastes - from Mississippi chiefs to Ralph Stanley (Ralph Stanley), Watts Tower , live theater (Living Theater); while every generation who are distorting the essence of ideas between this howling .
Some people might say that consumerism is the problem, and if you carefully think about the upcoming Frieze Art Fair in New York with those kinds of " Weekend Art Fair " between actually not much difference - in the latter , it takes only $ 59 you can buy " starry Night " (Starry Night) high imitation works , they are in a warehouse by the South Korean immigrants in the pipeline processing complete.
Both have in common is the common American manufacturing , and is now self- crown on the " consumer " label . In most rational mammals, feed trough where the pigs are almost no better time to enjoy those things . They have done is spending - and neither do we . Even the harsh economic times we have failed to stop the great desire for consumption , waste and disposable culture because the retail price can be low to fit any kind of income level .
You can spend $ 10 to buy Thomas Kinkade paintings (Thomas Kinkade) paintings prints , you can also spend $ 10 million to buy his house. And I think it is the death of the artist's wealth will not soon end at Sotheby's ?